I create different atmospheres with music and love participating in the development of new worlds. I compose for film and theater, but my heart beats for games. Here is a selection of different soundscapes. I compose for various instrumentations and styles.


Crying Guitar before the big battle - the silence before a battle is deafening. They all know that they could die, and now they wait. 



Path to Mogrot - threatening, frightening. Darkness waits for you on the way



Capital C- section from the film soundtrack 


orchestra and drums

Once Upon - "Next to you, loneliness drowns me".



Dance of a Child - I am, I live, I feel - just as you do. 

Adults often claim they are the ones with the bigger problems: „grow up, you're fine etc“. But children experience their lives just as intensely with their opportunities. There is no more or less.


piano solo

A Beautiful Day In Paris - Enjoying life surrounded by friends and family with ease.


Ocean Dream - electronic

movie - score

Thoughts are free by Urte Zintler, electronic music, ca. 4 minutes, 2010


Capital C - für alle gleich, für manche gleicher

Our music film is a cross-genre work of art with great emotions, expressive Krump dance and socially critical meta-level. We are happy about more than 33,000 views.

>> Behind the scenes

Joe Eskimo, film score for orchestra, ca. 10 minutes, 2014. Here is an excerpt without the movie. 

The most beautiful moment, Merlin Heidenreich, 2015. Piano and Elektronik. Preview